Evaluation de la qualite de la daurade royale (Sparus aurata) d’élevage sur le marche tunisien


  • Ines NJEH Direction Générale des Services Vétérinaire (DGSV)
  • Ines TLIBA 1Direction Générale des Services Vétérinaire (DGSV)
  • Zied BOUSLEMA Institut Pasteur de Tunis
  • Saloua SADOK Université de Carthage. Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer. Laboratoire de Biotechnologie Bleu et Bioproduits Aquatiques (B3Aqua). INSTM. centre La Goulette


Sparus aurata, markets, QIM, Sensory evaluation, microbiological characterization, TVBA, Tunisia


The sea bream (Sparus aurata) is the most commercialized fish farmed species in Tunisia. The objective of this work was to study the variability of the quality of sea bream within Tunisian supermarkets. For this purpose, 3 local fish markets within superstores were chosen for sampling in order to evaluate the initial fish quality as well as their shelf life during refrigerated storage. Sensorial, microbiological and chemical characterizations were performed on fish stored at + 4°C during 12 days. The results showed large variability of fish freshness revealing a failure in the traceability system of farmed fish in Tunisia as well as of quality control within fish market.


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NJEH I, TLIBA I, BOUSLEMA Z, SADOK S. Evaluation de la qualite de la daurade royale (Sparus aurata) d’élevage sur le marche tunisien. Bull. Inst. Natl. Sci. Technol. Mer [Internet]. 2016Aug.30 [cited 2024Apr.24];43:17-26. Available from: https://www.instm-bulletin.tn/index.php/bulletin/article/view/333


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