Copyright and Licensing policy

INSTM Bulletin operates based on a non-exclusive publishing agreement, according to which the journal retains the right of first publication, but authors are free to subsequently publish their work. The copyright of all work rests with the author(s).

  • By default, all content (including Graphic User Interface, text, designs etc) made available through INSTM Bulletin is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Licence, unless otherwise explicitly stipulated. All software used for the development and operation of this Web Site is licensed under a Free/Open Source Software Licence.
  • Authors published in the INSTM Bulletin: Marine and Freshwater Sciences retain copyright and proprietary rights, such as trademark and patent rights, in their original content. Authors grant the INSTM Bulletin: Marine and Freshwater Sciences, using our publication agreement, an exclusive right of first publication
  • Authors grant to the Bulletin non exclusive worldwide license and rights in perpetuity to publish, reproduce, distribute, license, sell, and archive their articles both electronically and in print.
  • As copyright owners, authors are encouraged to post their Author-Accepted-Manuscript (final, peer-reviewed) online in open access repositories or on their website without an embargo period, as it can lead to productive exchanges, as well as earlier and greater citation of published work. We request that attribution and a link to the final published article be included.
  • Authors will need to obtain and submit with their manuscripts written documentation of permissions granted from the copyright holders, at the authors’ expense, for any previously published or copyrighted materials not owned by the authors used in their articles. Full credit and attribution for such materials must be included in captions or the acknowledgments. (add link)

  • A note about Google Maps and Google Earth: All imagery must be at high resolution and have attribution. Follow Google’s requirements available at Documentation for permission to use Google Maps and Google Earth imagery is not required, but original credit and copyright information shown on the images should be retained (at a size legible in the final version) or included in a caption.

  • The Author will have the right to archive his/her work (the final version with the INSTM layout), to publish, copy or disseminate it in printed form in non-commercial publications, entirely or in part. This will also apply to publications on the internet, in data or preprint repositories. In this context, the Author shall be obligated to cite the original article, and to place a reference to the Journal, or a link to the journal's website.