Announcement of new Editor-in-Chief


We are pleased to announce that Pr. Lassaad Chouba is stepping in as Editor-in-Chief of the INSTM Bulletin: Marine and Freshwater Sciences.

Mr. Chouba is professor in Biogeochemistry and Marine Ecotoxicology. He has served as a member of the bulletin’s editorial board. His goals are to maintain INSTM Bulletin: Marine and Freshwater Sciences’s high standard and prestige, and continue efforts to bring down the time from submission to publication.

We are deeply grateful to our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Pr. Mohamed Nejmeddine Bradai for his leadership, and we are excited for Pr. Chouba to continue his success as the new Editor-in-Chief, and ensure that the journal continues to thrive.

Please join us in both thanking Pr. Bradai and welcoming Pr. Chouba !